About PandaZone

Our motto around here is “Simple is Sometimes Best.” As a unique online gaming platform designed and developed specifically for kids, PandaZone offers a great space where child gamers of the digital era can have fun, learn and engage in friendly competition. For the peace of mind of parents, all of our child-friendly games for kids are carefully selected to ensure they adhere by our strict standards. By eliminating multiplayer games, in-game ads and leaving out a comments section we’ve engineered a website featuring nothing more than kid’s games moms and dads can feel comfortable letting their children play.

Created by a dad who was constantly having to check out what his 2 young kiddos were getting into online, our website yields a safe but nonetheless FUN gaming environment for kids of all ages. If you’re a parent, you already know how disgusting and gory some online games can be. You’re probably also aware of the bullying that occurs on social media, comments, etc. Since we have removed means of communication and social sharing, we have built a community that fosters entertainment without exposing children to the rudeness of bullies. Better yet, all of our games for kids can be played on ANY device. That’s right. Our games are compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile phones.