Arcade Darts

Arcade Darts is the perfect example of a game that you start playing with the intent of wasting five minutes of your lunch break with, but then you are hooked and you cannot stop playing!

Easy to play, but hard to master is a great way to look at Arcade Darts. You have two meters that you need to watch. The first meter is the direction of where your dart will go. If the meter is to the left the dart will go to the left. The other meter is how hard you throw the dart, keep the meter to the bottom to go to the bottom of the dart board and to the top for the top of the dart board.

To make this more fun and exciting, there are bonuses that you can get. Each area on the dartboard is worth a specific amount of points, but if you hit a bonus target you can get extra darts, more points, and even a bomb…. Which you may not want to go out of your way to hit!