Arcade Golf

If you are looking for a game that is both simple and super addictive, Arcade Golf is the game for you. Arcade Golf takes all the boring parts of golf away and instead is a game that is as much about physics as it is your understanding of golf.

Each level requires you to get the ball into the hole. All you need is the mouse, you need to aim and then select the amount of power you want to hit the ball with. The fewer the shots you need to get the ball in the hole the higher your score. You may think that if you just smack the ball as hard as you can, it will find its way into the hole. Well if you do this the ball will fly off the level and you will actually lose points!

Each level has a different terrain, terrain which at first glance may seem like it is there to trick you (which it can) but you can also use the terrain to your advantage by bouncing the ball off it.

Arcade Golf is an absolute blast and the kind of game where you will lose half hour easily as you try to get as many holes in ones as you can. Arcade Golf may be easy to get to grips with, but some of the later holes require a lot of skill and thought to get a hole in one.