Caveman Hunt

Caveman Hunt is a game that is all about helping a less than skilled caveman finally capture a woolly mammoth! It is a fun concept for a game and the fact that it has a charming cellshaded art style makes Caveman Hunt one of the more eyecatching and charming games that we have here on the site.

The idea of the game is that the caveman knows he cannot capture the woolly mammoth on foot so he has made a slingshot to give him an edge and he needs your help to operate it. You only hate a couple of things to worry about as far as the controls go, but Caveman Hunt is a game that does require a lot of skill on your part as timing is everything.

The first meter is for your trajectory, you need to get this just right and you click the mouse button where it is where you want it to be. Next up is the speed that your caveman will be thrown at, this, as you would expect, is very important. Getting the two of them just right is the key to making him go as far as possible.

Thankfully there are trampolines and birds on the floor that can help give me some extra footage as he is flying along. In addition to this, you earn coins for each attempt that you make and you can use these to purchase upgrades that will make you go faster, get an extra boost and so on. Speaking of boost, you do get one boost per turn that you can use and using this at just the right time can make or break your tune.

Caveman Hunt is a fun and old school style of game. You are always playing to see if you can get that little bit further than you did before. This along with the easy to learn controls make it quite an addictive game.