Christmas Chain

Get yourself into the holiday spirit with one of the most festive, challenging and fun puzzle games around, Christs Chain. You need to help Santa stop the chain of balls before they fall into the hole! If you can do this, you very well might just save Christmas!

Christmas Chain is a very clever game and the concept is quite simple. You play as Santa in the middle of the screen who can move 360 degrees. A chain of balls is making its way to the hole somewhere on the screen. Santa can throw balls and when three balls of the same style are next to each other they will disappear, thus shortening the chain. The idea is to get rid of all the balls on the screen.

There is quite a lot of skill here as if you misjudge just one throw it can put you in serious trouble as you try to figure out how to fix your mistake. You can get extra points by doing combos! Combos are when you throw a ball that gets rid of three balls, but in doing so causing the chain to move in a way where three other balls of the same color are then touching. This can not only score you big points but get rid of the chain that much quicker too.

Christmas Chain is a game that requires patience and skill, but you also have to be pretty quick on the shoot button as that chain moves pretty darn quick!