FlapCat Christmas

FlapCat Christmas is one of the most infuriatingly addictive games on the whole site! You need to help the little Santa kitty and the two reindeer’s make it a merry Christmas for everyone. Doing this though is easier said than done as there are a lot of obstacles in FlapCat’s way!

The idea of the game could not be any simpler. You need to get as far as you can. You control the game by just pressing the mouse button. When you do, FlapCat will rise, when you let go, he falls. You need to time it just right to get past all of the towers that are in your way. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is not! FlapCat Christmas is one very challenging and addictive game.

It is one of those games where you will finally get a score in the double digits and then think you are done…… only to then think that you can maybe just get past a couple more towers and beat your score! 

FlapCat is a game that anyone can play, but very few can master and make sure that all the little kitties have a nice Christmas!