Footgolf Evolution

Combining soccer and golf sounds like the craziest idea ever, but Footgolf Evolution manages it perfectly. If you love soccer and golf this is the perfect game for you.

The idea of the game is just like golf. You need to get the ball into the holes and try and make par or even better come in under par. The difference is that instead of using a club, you will be kicking a soccer ball around a soccer pitch.

The whole pitch is walled in so you can do some pretty epic bank shots if you want to be fancy. Which you will need to be as some holes have hazards to try and tackle the ball away from you. These range from the spinning spikes of death, sand traps, and even pinball bumpers. There are walls as well, but you can use these to bounce the ball off which can sometimes lead to you coming in a couple of shots under par if you aim it just right.

Playing Footgolf Evolution could not be any easier. You simply put the mouse on the ball and then pull back for your power and rotate for your aim. Make sure you are precise as getting the soccer ball into the hole is much harder than you think.

Footgolf Evolution is a lot of fun and it is the kind of game where you will keep telling yourself “just one more hole” as it is so addictive.