If you are a fan of puzzle games that also require some serious gaming skill, Frogtastic is the game for you. You play as a frog who is just trying to kick back and enjoy his life, but these balls keep coming and they are getting closer and closer to his lilypad. This frog is not going to take it, but he needs your help.

The idea of the game is simple enough. There is a string of balls that are always moving towards the center of the screen. These are all different kinds of colors and when they do reach the part in the middle, it is game over. You need to get rid of all of the balls before this happens.

The way you do this is by making the frog spit balls into the chain. Each set of three will make them disappear. So if there are two blue ones together and you spit a blue ball at them they will disappear. Sometimes this can cause the chain to stop for a moment or if you get lucky (or have some serious skills) you can cause a chain reaction.

You have to be careful though as if your aim is a little off, rather than making balls disappear, you will actually add them to the chain! Sometimes you are forced to do this, but it is very annoying when there are two of the same color together and your aim is off, so while you have to be quick, you do not want to rush.

Frogtastic features many different levels and each one gets harder and harder! It is a very challenging puzzle game. It is one of those games that will always have you coming back to it as it is so much fun. If you want a puzzle game that has a little bit of action in it as well. Give Frogtastic a try.