Greedy Rabbit

Greedy Rabbit is a charming platform game that on the surface could not look any cuter. However, this is one very fun and challenging platform game that is going to put all those years you spent with Super Mario Bros to good use.

Greedy Rabbit loves to eat carrots, so much that he is willing to collect a bunch of stars that open a portal to a new world that has more carrots for him to eat! Each level contains stars and carrots. The carrots score your points and make the Greedy Rabbit happy. The stars are what is required to open the portal to the next level, Speaking of levels there are 45 to keep you occupied.

As well as collecting stars and carrots. Each level has its own challenges. These start off simple enough where you have to make various jumps. But soon obstacles like spikes and blades are introduced that you have to avoid. This will take your platforming skills to the next level.

Greedy Rabbit is very easy to control. You use the left and right keys to move and the up key to jump. Greedy Rabbit though has one extra move and that is a super jump which you do with the down key. This is what you need to use to get some of those harder to reach stars and carrots.