He Likes The Darkness

He Likes The Darkness has 100 different levels spread across multiple worlds, only you can help this little guy escape each level, make new friends and survive the darkness.

The goal of each level in He Likes Darkness is to collect the stars. These stars will open the portal to the next level. The number of stars that you need to collect will change from level to level. Each level will also have coins for you to collect. You want to collect these as they will allow you to unlock some new characters to play as.

If you love platform games, you will love He Likes The Darkness. You can move left, right and also jump. You will need to time your jumps just right to make sure you get all of the stars and coins. Sometimes there are platforms that require a running jump, sometimes there are moving platforms. You never know what each level is going to throw your way.

Each level will give you five lives to collect all the stars and coins. If you die trying to make your way back to the portal you have to collect all of the stars and coins again, so be careful!

He Likes The Darkens is a very fun platforming game. It is very addictive and some of those later levels really do require some serious platforming skills to get through them.