Lets Park

You know when you go shopping and you go to park and there is someone who is taking up two spaces or they are really squint and you ask yourself, who the heck parked that? Well, that is what the awesome Lets Park is all about. This is a game that is going to test your parking skills to the absolute limit. So much so that if you can get to the final level, there is no excuse for you ever taking up to spots next time you to go get your groceries.

Let’s Park is a driving game, but it is not a racing game. The goal of each level is to take your car and park it perfectly in the parking spot. I say perfectly because if the car is just one pixel out of the designated parking spot it does not count. There is a timer in the game, but Lets Park is a game where you certainly do not want to rush.

Each level has cones, containers, walls and other stuff that is there to get in your way. There is a bit of trial and error in each level as you try to figure out what is the best way to make it to the parking spot. Each level has three stars up for grabs. These also serve as your life. If you hit something you lose a star, you do this three times and you have to start the level over again.

You can control the car with either the touchpad or the arrow keys. You have way more control over the car than you would think and it is very responsive. This makes making those what seem like impossible turns actually possible. If you want a driving game that is going to make you think, Lets Park is certainly worth having a play through.