Little Robot Escape

Little Robot Escape is a really cool little platform game that is all about making sure you know how to jump properly. You need to help this little green robot escape from 30 different dungeons! You need to have some serious platforming skills to make sure this robot makes it out alive!

The gameplay of Little Robot Escape is all about jumping. You control the little green robot with the left and right arrow keys and then use z to jump. The jumping in this game is very precise and is where the skill and challenge come into play. A slight tap of the z button will make the robot hop. The longer you press it the higher he will jump, this is something you have to master.

Game starts easy enough to get you used to the controls. However, eventually traps and spikes will appear and that is when your platforming skills are really put to the test. Some levels will have boost pads to help you make higher jumps. Make sure you do these right or you can slam into spikes!

If you like platforming games that are all about the actual platforming and not just killing enemies, Little Robot Escape is a game that you are going to have a lot of fun with. Do not let the little friendly green robot fool you, this is one very challenging game that is really going to put all those years of playing Super Mario Bros to the test!