Mini Combat

Mini Combat is one of the most exciting platform/shooter games that you can play. You play as a soldier who will do whatever it takes to get to the end of the level and complete the mission!

Mini Combat features 8 action packed levels. In each level, you will need to collect three keys so you can enter the base at the end of the level. The problem is that each level is full of evil goons who will do whatever it takes to stop you!

Unlucky for them you have some serious firepower to take them down. You start each level with a basic gun, but you can collect new weapons in each level. You do this by shooting crates and barrels. Which is also how you find the keys. You can also collect coins. These coins can then be used to buy new characters and awesome new weapons that will really put the bad guys in their place.

As well as all the running and gunning that you will be doing, Mini Combat also allows you to double jump so there is plenty of platforming action in each level as well. Also, some levels may ask you to find a certain gun in order to get through it!

You may be tough, but do you have the guts and skills to save the day?