Mini Tanks

If you love action, war and awesomeness then Mini Tanks is the game for you. No matter if you are playing just by yourself against the AI or if you want to go head to head with a buddy in some epic multiplayer action. Mini Tanks is a game that is going to be a lot of fun…. As long as you can control your tank of course.

Each level has different things in your path. Some of these your tank can blow away so that you can get through. However, others cannot be destroyed and you must get around them. What is interesting about this is that you can use these for cover and to set traps so you can shoot the enemy tanks when they do not even see it coming.

Mini Tanks is not an easy game so it is perfect if you like your games challenging. There are tons of levels to play, tons of tanks to blow up and there are multiple difficulty levels as well so if you think you have the game figured out, try doing the levels, but with increased difficulty.

Mini Tanks is far more indepth than it looks, but it is also an absolute blast to play. So lock and load and get ready for war because there is a whole army of tanks coming your way!