Nugget Seeker Adventure

Nugget Seeker Adventure is a fun action maze style game where you play as a treasure hunter who is on the hunt for gold nuggets that are all over the mine! Unfortunately for you, you do not have permission to be doing this and you have to watch out for the mine workers who are looking to get you with their ax!

Nugget Seeker Adventure is very easy to control. You move the treasure hunter around with the arrow keys and break rocks as you go. You need to pick up all of the gold nuggets that are on each level to progress. Each level will have mine workers looking to stop you. These guys can only walk on mined paths. So when you mine the dirt to get to the gold, you are creating potential new paths for them to get to you!

You will need to figure out the best way to get through each level so that you can keep the mine workers as far away from you as possible. Even just leaving the smallest bit of dirt between you can mean the difference between life and certain death. Some levels have harder rock, explosives, and blocks that you cannot dig through so you will have to figure out how to get around them and maybe even use them to your advantage to keep the mine workers at bay.

Nugget Seeker Adventure is a really fun game and one that is very easy to pick and play, but you better pay attention as those later levels get really tough!