Pac Rat

Pac Rat as the name suggests is a fun new take on the ultimate arcade classic, Pac-Man! The idea of the game is actually very simple, but like all best arcade style games, the genius of the game is in its simplicity. This is the way that arcade games were back in the day and Pac Rat manages to capture that spirit very well.

You play as a hungry little rat who just wants to eat his cheese in peace. Unfortunately for him, there are three mean cats who want to stop him from eating the cheese and have him for a snack.

You control the little rat with the arrow keys and you need to eat all of the cheese to complete a level. The three cats move around the stage at random so it can be very tricky. There are special cheeses in each corner of the map which can make the rat turn the tables on the cats and eat them! This not only gets you major points, but it also takes the cats of the board for a short while.

Pac Rat is a game that is very addictive and you will find yourself always wanting to have just one more go to see if you can beat your high score. Getting a high score does actually require a lot of skill as it is eating the cats that will really boost your score so you want to eat as many as you can. It is always best to lure them to you, grab the special cheese and then show them who is boss.

One way that the game manages to keep you on your toes and also keep things more interesting is that each level will see the cats change slightly. The cats can start to move a bit faster which as you would expect makes the game much more challenging and also requires that you need to have faster reflexes.

If you like old school arcade games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Defender, and other such games that are all about getting a high score and having fast reflexes. Then Pac Rat is a game that is going to be a lot of fun for you. Just do not be surprised if you end up addicted… or get really hungry for some chunks of cheese as you play!