Puzzle Attack

If you love puzzle games that also have a bit of action, suspense and adventure about them Puzzle Attack is a game that is going to really “infect” you.

In theory, Puzzle Attack could not be any more simple. Each level is infected by viruses and you need to clean up the level to make sure the viruses are gone for you. You do this by moving around the outside of the screen. You then press the space bar and you can move freely. When you do this you will draw a line and when you touch the other side of the screen or another section of the level you have already touched, you will clear up some of the infection. When you reach a certain percentage the virus is gone!

Each level has a virus that is floating around the screen and if it touches you or a line before you attach it, you lose a life. Lose three and it is game over for you! The virus can also multiply and have smaller viruses floating around! Do not worry though, stay strong because if you can trap one of these guys, you score some extra points.

Puzzle Attack is one of the most addictive games on the site. Despite being all about you having to clear up a virus it has a super cute art style that makes it even more fun. If you have played the arcade classic, Qix you will feel right at home with Puzzle attack!