Rolling Cheese

Rolling Cheese may look like a game that is just about a super cute mouse…. And it is, but this is one of the most tricky physics based puzzle games you will ever play.

The idea of Rolling Cheese is that the little mouse is very hungry and you need to help him get the cheese. Each level also has three strawberries which he also likes to eat. Not only are these a tasty treat for the little mouse, but they also score you extra points.

You may think that you have to move the mouse to the cheese, but instead, you need to manipulate the level to make the cheese to go the mouse and run through the strawberries. The way you do this is by clicking the breakable objects. These can be blocks and wooden platforms. It starts off nice and easy, just break some blocks and the cheese will fall down and roll through the strawberries and go to the mouse.

Later levels in Rolling Cheese are really going to test you as you will either have to think quick to stop the cheese rolling of the level or to stop a barrel hitting the mouse! Some other levels require a more slow and methodical approach where you need to think before each move. Sometimes getting the cheese can be easy, but make it hit all three strawberries can be very tough.

Rolling Cheese is a game that has it all. It is fun, challenging and also has an adorable little mouse for you to feed.