Santas Mission Match 3

Santa’s a busy guy with a mission and needs your help to make sure that the kids of Snowville have a happy and fun Christmas. That is where you come in. Santa needs your help to get all of the presents, gloves, and Santa hats ready for the kids.

If you have played a match three game before, you will fit right in with Santa’s Mission. Before each level, you will be given the amount of each item that Santa needs you to box up for him. It could be three gloves, seven presents, and five hats for example. Each level requires you to move an object just one square. You need to think about where you move an object to as three in a row is what you are looking for.

If you are clever and plan things well, you can get one three in a row, cause the row to drop and then get another one right away. So there is quite a bit of strategy in play in Santa’s Mission. Once you beat a level, you can move onto the next one or try and beat your score on the previous one.