Sky Shooter

If you love shooters like Strikers, Space Mega Force, and Raiden. Sky Shooter is the game for you!

Sky Shooter takes what you love about old school shoot em ups. You are the last line of defense against Earths invaders and you need to have your finger on the trigger to keep them at bay.

This is one very challenging shooter. Enemies come at you and they keep shooting even as they pass you! So as well as watching out for attack from the top of the screen, you have to keep an eye on what is happening below you. You are free to move all over the screen, but taking out enemies before they can get blow you is the best strategy.

You have 7 different weapons in the game so experiment to figure out what one is best for you. Keep your wits about you as these weapons will randomly appear when you destroy enemies. The controls are nice and tight, but getting through all 10 levels and taking down the bosses (yes there are bosses) is a real challenge thanks to all the shots that are coming your way.

Sky Shooter is a truly fun game that is very action packed. It is very easy to learn the controls of, but it is still a challenging game. You will need to have your eyes open as shots come in from all angles. If you love old school arcade style shooters, Sky Shooter is a game that you are literally going to have a blast with!