Snowball Christmas World

Do you have what it takes to help the super cute, but always ready for action kitten Snowball get through 20 action packed, puzzle filled and challenging levels? Well if you do, you better have your wits about you! Snowball needs to find the key in each level to open up the exit. But with all kinds of obstacles as well as mice and birds in the way, you and Snowball better be ready for action.

This is no ordinary side scrolling that you have played a million times before. Snowball moves forward, but he can bounce off posts to make him go in the other direction. This fun gameplay mechanic makes Snowball World one of the more challenging side scrolling platform games online and one that is sure to test even the most talented of gamers!

Snowball World may be very cute, but this is one challenging and fun side scroller that is going to keep you busy for 20 challenging levels!