Watercraft Rush

If you love high speed racing games with awesome graphics, Watercraft Rush is the game for you!

Watercraft Rush is all about speed! The idea of the game is that you get to race on one of three different worlds. Each one has its own selection of tracks for you to race on. You are always racing against the clock and you need to get to the end of the course before time runs out. The faster you do it, the more stars you will earn.

While you are racing against the clock, you have to watch out for other people on the water and of course some of those hard turns. The controls are nice and easy, you just use the arrow keys to move left and right the up key to go and the down key is for the breaks.

While Watercraft Rush is a ton of fun to play this is one of the most gorgeous looking games on the site. With awesome cell shaded style graphics, fantastic water effects and just a great around style, it is easy to see why Watercraft Rush is going to be the next big thing.

If you water based racing games, you are going to have a hard time finding one that is more fun, exciting and easy on the eyes than Watercraft Rush.