Zombie Buster

Man, zombies just cannot learn their place can they? Well, do not worry as in Zombie Buster you are going to be making sure the undead actually stay dead as you save the world from the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Buster has a ton of levels for you to play through. What is really cool about this is that you will be going all over the world from Brazil to America, to England to South Africa to Australia and everywhere in between. Each level has its own kind of style and of course number of zombies for you to blow up.

Speaking of blowing up that is what makes Zombie Buster different from all the other zombie games. Instead of a standard gun, you have a grenade launcher! What is cool about this is when you shoot a grenade it does not blow up right away, there is a three second delay so you employ a bit of strategy as you try to lay out a series of grenades so that they cause a chain reaction. Watching the zombies blow up into a million pieces is really cool and there are even things in the level you can blast them into!

Zombie Buster is a challenging game and figuring out what you can ricochet your grenades off can be the key to getting the highest score possible. If you like your shooters to have brains (just like zombies like brains) Zombie Buster is for you.