Zombie Shooter

The only thing that is cooler than zombies is shooting them! Zombie Shooter is a really cool and fun game in that is not just all about action, Zombie Shooter is also a very strategic game that is going to make you think while you play too.

Each level sees you having a limited amount of ammo to try and shoot all of the zombies with. The thing is you do not just shoot them in the head. You have to use physics to make the bullets ricochet off surfaces, platforms and other things in each level.

Some levels will have spinning planks, girders, steel balls and many more items that you can use to take down more than one zombie at a time. Each level has a ranking and the higher your score and the fewer shots that you use, the more stars you will get.

Zombie Shooter is a game that is full of action and also going to make you think. It is a very addictive game and one that is going to make you want to try really hard to try and top your high score. Some of the levels are really tough so make sure you use your brains before the zombies eat them!